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'Meat' Hong Kong's most famous butcher!

celebrities being discovered in odd locations – at the mall, at weddings or on public transport. But did you ever expect a celebrity to be found working at your local wet market? Lau Sung-wai, or as he’s more commonly known, Wai Wai, was just your ordinary 36-year- old working as a butcher near Yeung Uk Road Market in Tsuen Wan. It wasn’t until one user in the ‘Tsuen Wan Locals’ Facebook group shared a selfie with him that caused the hearts of Hong Kong’s housewives (and the Internet’s) to be se

Ikea is releasing rice dumplings for Dragon Boat Festival

Known for their furniture, meatballs, and.... rice dumplings? Yes, you read that right. Ikea is debuting a collection of three rice dumplings in time for the Dragon Boat Festival! While including classic rice dumpling ingredients like Chinese ham, dried mushrooms and salted egg yolk, Ikea’s novelty twist sees truffles and replaces the traditional pork belly meat filling for a whole Swedish meatball stuffed inside their glutinous rice dumpling ($49). Ikea also has vegetarian patrons in mind wi